Sermons from March 2017

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Authority Rejected

Reading: Matthew 19:16-30 Dear Friends, The young rich man addresses Jesus as “Teacher” trying to learn how to earn eternal life.  Jesus calls the young man (and us) to see Him as “Lord,” the one with the authority to save and grant eternal life apart from our own works.  Jesus is all we need. We […]

“Turn And Become (great)”

Reading:  Mathew 18:1-5 Dear Friends,   The disciples ask a competitive, self-centered question in verse one.  Jesus gives a shocking object lesson in verse two. Then He tells the disciples and us to shift our focus.  Away from ourselves and onto Him.   Peace, Pastor Dave

Authority Glorified

Reading:  Matthew 17:1-13 Dear Friends,   This is a super quick, powerful and authoritative moment.  So what’s the deal?  Why does Jesus say, “tell no one this vision?”  Well – the answer, in part, is the rest of the statement: “until the son of man is raised from the dead.”   Peace, Pastor Dave