Sermons from April 2017

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3 Relationships

Reading: Matthew 28:16-20 Dear Friends, The great commission is all about relationships – specifically three types.  Relationships with other followers of Jesus.  Relationships with people that don’t yet know Jesus.  Relationship with Jesus himself.  Today we will take a look at all three and be challenged to grow. Peace, Pastor Dave

Easter – “Message Sent”

Reading:  Matthew 28:1-10 Dear Friends, God sends a pretty loud message on Easter morning.  The message is felt, seen and heard.  The message demands a response.  Let’s rejoice in the message from God to us this morning and let’s consider our response.  CHRIST IS RISEN!   Peace, Pastor Dave

Good Friday – “Released”

Reading:  Matthew 27:1-2; 11-66 Dear Friends, Barabbas is a shocking character.  Not  shocking in the sense of what happens to him.  Shocking in the sense of his connection to Jesus.  Shocking in what it reveals about us and why Jesus suffered, bled and died.  Tonight we mourn.  We mourn our sin.  But, we also rejoice.  Rejoice in the love of Jesus for […]

Maundy Thursday – “Drink This”

Reading:  Matthew 26:1-75 Dear Friends, Drink this.  In chapter 26 we see the cup three different times.  Twice the cup is bad.  Jesus wants it to be       removed.  Once it is good.  For our benefit.  Jesus gives it as a gift.  What is up with these two cups?  And what connection does it all have […]

Humble King (Authority)

Reading:  Matthew 21:1-17 Dear Friends, Some leaders want nothing to do with humility.  They want to appear strong as can be.  Some leaders want to appear humble.  They talk like they are lowly.  They think a humble attitude makes them more  approachable.  Very few (if any) leaders are actually humble.  Meaning very few of them […]

Authority Redefined

Reading:  Matthew 20:17-28 Dear Friends,   These verses include a full blown pattern that we’ve seen three times now in the story that Matthew is telling.  First, Jesus predicts his death and resurrection.  Second, the disciples express some kind of misunderstanding.  The kind of misunderstanding that makes you slap your forehead and say “really?”  Finally, Jesus uses the teachable […]