Sermons from May 2017

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Do You Believe?

Reading: Matthew 9:27-31 Dear Friends, This final miracle (in our series) is a lot like the other ones.  But one little thing stands out in this story.    Jesus asks a question.  This morning we will consider the possible answers and we will discuss the one thing we all can do regardless of our answer.   […]

The Demons Know

Reading: Matthew 8:28-34 Dear Friends, This is a fascinating little story. Jesus only says one word.  No one has faith.  But the demons know. They know who will and has won.  They know who Jesus is.  They know who is most powerful.  It will be wise of us today to listen to the demons (isn’t that weird!) but to respond […]

The Leper’s Prayer

Reading:  Matthew 8:1-4 Dear Friends, A crowd is already following Jesus.  One man stands out from the crowd – he does what no one else does.  He brings his need to  Jesus.  He trusts Jesus with his problem.  In other words, he prays. Peace, Pastor Dave


Reading: Matthew 9:9-13 & 18-26 Dear Friends, Sometimes a reach out changes everything.  Jesus reaches out to Matthew.  He reaches and touches a girl.  A woman reaches out and touches him. With each reach death gives way to life.  Hope is restored.  Lives are changed.  What would happen if we would reach out a bit more? Peace, Pastor Dave

Salt and Light

Reading:  Matthew 5:13-16 Dear Friends, There are two awesome things happening in these few verses.  First, Jesus tells us who we are.  Then he tells us what we do.  These are good things to know.  Good things to  celebrate.  BUT, what happens when we aren’t who we are supposed to be and don’t do what […]