Sermons from August 2017

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One Thing Necessary

Reading: Liuke 10:38-42 Dear Friends, There are few places where Jesus is more simple and more redirective than these verses.  Wow.  It’s just a couple of verses but we can see ourselves in this story.  We can see ourselves in a bad way.  The words of Jesus leave a little bit of punch to the […]

Number My Days

Psalm 90 Dear Friends, Psalm 90 is all about time.  Moses wrote it and he lived a full, rich 120 years.  He experienced God in amazing ways. It’s a great Psalm, with a lot of rich truths.  This morning, we can boil it down to one simple truth:   Our days are numbered, God’s days are […]

Identity and Aim

Reading: Colossians 3:1-17 Dear Friends, Colossians 3 is awesome.  Paul does just one profound thing.  He reminds us of our identity.  He tells us who we are – in Christ. Identity is important because it informs what we do or don’t do.  So of course, Paul talks about those things today to. Let’s remember and be challenged together. Peace, Pastor […]

Welcome One Another

Readings: Romans 15:5-7 & Luke 11-32 Dear Friends, Paul gives us a short, powerful and (if we really think about) challenging command!Welcome one another.  What does that mean? What does it look like?  Why and how should we do it?  We will cover all of that this morning and celebrate a Jesus that welcomes us.   Peace, Pastor Dave