Sermons from September 2017

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Who Do You Stand With?

Reading: 2 Chronicles 24:1-4, 15-19 Dear Friends,  The most famous line from the reformation is Luther saying, “Here I stand.” This bold confidence only comes from who he stands “with”. As we look at the life of King Joash we will explore who he stood with and examine who you stand with as well as […]

Power Of The Reformation

Reading: Exodus 15:1-18 Dear Friends, We know it in our heads but we so often fail to live it out.  God is the power source to any and every reformation. Duh.  But – interestingly – Moses needs to learn this truth.  And God himself graciously instructs him.  Let’s learn and relearn alongside of Moses this morning. Peace, Pastor Dave

God Reforms

Reading: Exodus 3:1-10 Dear Friends, In Exodus 3 and 4 God reforms or promises to reform 7 things.  An 8th reformation is implied.  Interestingly the 8th and most important reformation is resisted. As we consider these mini and very temporary reformations we will consider: how might God be desiring to reform us? Peace, Pastor Dave

The Right Question

Reading: Ephesians 5:15-21 Dear Friends, We get asked to participate, or even lead, a lot of things.  When we get asked we usually ask ourselves some questions.  Today, we will try to simplify the process.  Which one      question will help us say “yes” or “no” to   opportunities. Peace, Pastor Dave