Sermons from April 2018

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Unlocking Your Heart And Mind

Readings: Acts 3:11-21 & Luke 24:36-49 Dear Friends, Are you closed up?  Is your mind and heart locked and plugged?  As we work through our text in Acts today, we will have a chance to walk as if we are one of the people in the crowd, observing and participating in the events that begged to open […]

A Little Experience


Reading: John 20:19-31 Dear Friends, Mary needed it. The 10 disciples did too. Thomas? Yep, he needed to experience Jesus. Until they saw Him they just weren’t convinced. But when they see Him, everything changes. Today we want to celebrate our Jesus experiences. We also want to talk about that season of waiting. Waiting to reconnect with […]

EASTER – He Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!! – Give Up, Giving Up


Readings: Luke 24:1-8 & 2 Corinthians 4:7-18 Dear Friends, ”We do not loose heart!”  These are not sugar coated words.  It’s not a vague hope.  Paul is being brutally honest in these verses: things break. But the resurrection!?? Well – that changes everything.  It doesn’t prevent the breaking here on earth but it certainly changes our understanding of the breaking.  When […]

Good Friday – You Know


Readings: Mark 14:32-41, John 18:1-8;12-15, Matthew: 26:69-75, 1 Peter 1:17-19, parts of Luke 22 & 23, Luke 23:44-49 Dear Friends, Paul says “you know”.  You know that you’ve been ransomed with the precious and perfect blood of Jesus from your futile ways. Tonight is a night to be comforted by that truth.  We have been […]

Holy Thursday – Giving Up Entitlement


Readings: Luke 22:1-13, John 13:1-17, John 13:31-38 Dear Friends, In John 13 Jesus has one of those moments where everything becomes crystal clear.  He knows exactly who He is, He knows where He has come from and He knows exactly how powerful He is.  How powerful is He?  Well He’s the most powerful man—ever.  What […]