Sermons from February 2019

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Today we start a new sermon series:   Satan vs. Jesus: In sports, coaches watch a ton of “film” to try and determine the best game plan.  In war, commanders rely on collected “intel” to try and  determine the best place and way to attack the enemy.  In our lives – we have an enemy.  This series tries to […]

Plan For Truth


Reading: John 18:29-40 Dear Friends, Today is a complicated topic.  God’s plan is pretty clear.  Truth is sent, proclaimed, crucified and verified. That much is clear and uncomplicated.  Of course – we tend to make it more complicated and complex than it actually is.   Today, we will celebrate God’s clarity and simplicity.  We will be challenged to embrace His plan […]

Plan for Rejection


Reading: John 12:37-50 Dear Friends, Do you ever get tired of having to tell  someone the same thing, over and over and … (ugh!) over again.  Today’s verses  summarize the public ministry of Jesus and they remind us of deep important truths.  They confront us.  AND they point us forward to God’s grace. Peace, Pastor Dave    

Plan For Glory


Sermon Series Synopsis: Here’s The Plan (Part II): There are several moments where Jesus says, “I have come to…” These are key moments.  Jesus is telling us flat out: “here’s the plan.  This is why I am here. This is my purpose!”  This series considers moments like this. Reading: John 12:20-36 Dear Friends, There are several moments where Jesus […]