Sermons from May 2019

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Demands A Response


Reading: Revelation 5 Dear Friends, Some things in life demand a response.  Today we will consider some of those things and – of course – we will consider THE thing and the response it demands! What’s the right way to respond?  What’s the wrong way?  And what happens if I feel a little indifferent? Peace, Pastor Dave

This And That


Reading: Revelation 5 Dear Friends, We tend to think in either/or terms.  Sometimes, especially when we are trying to consider who Jesus is, it is better to think in this AND that terms. In Revelation 5, Jesus is both the Lion AND the Lamb.  Oh, and by the way, He does some amazing things for us! Peace, […]

Children: You Were Given To Jesus

Reading: John 10:22-30 Dear Friends, We will focus on the powerful truth that Our Good Shepherd not only will protect us but that he has provided the ultimate victory.   We were given to Jesus by the Father, to love and protect and be died for. We will ask the question, what does that mean […]

May 5th Sermon


Reading: Psalm 148 Dear Friends, Psalm 148 is a beautiful Psalm of praise.  It gives us a chance to consider: why should we praise?  What gets in the way of praise?  How does God call us back to praise? Peace, Pastor Dave