Sermons from October 2019

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Forgot Your Name

Reformation – We are still in the book of Jeremiah, but we are spending two weeks celebrating the Reformation.  A little more than 500 years, Martin Luther and other men went to God’s word (the bible) and saw a different God then the church had been talking about.  They began to point the world to what scripture […]

Big and Little

Today’s sermon is given by Pastor Aaron Putman, LINC Bay Area. Welcome Pastor Putnam. Reading: Psalm 8 Dear Friends, We see God’s majesty in big and little things…especially our big God becoming little in Christ for our sake. Peace, Pastor Aaron Putnam

A Question


Sermon Series – The Book of Jeremiah:  This series will consider selected chapters from the book of Jeremiah.  Jeremiah is invited by God to be a prophet who “plucks up and breaks down.” A prophet who “destroys and overthrows.”  A prophet who “builds up and plants.” Our     series will seek to do a little bit […]