Sermons from April 2020

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Intermission #2


We continue our “in the meantime” conversation. How do Mary and Martha feel? What does Jesus do? What hope do we have. Watch the video here  

What Not To Do


Series Summary: In the Meantime! A period of time between two events could be described as “in the meantime.”  We have plenty of these “in the meantime” events through the course of our life.  We are living an “in the meantime” moment – right now.  Lucky for us – there are a LOT of people […]

Intermission #1


Intermission #1. Refresh your prayers! Celebrate grace! Be Still and know! Click here to watch the live recording: Intermission #1.  Also – for your own use, in your own prayers, Click here for the list of names and descriptions of Jesus in Revelation.

Certain Action

How do you prepare to go to church? How do you prepare for a business meeting? Probably not the same way. Today we will be considering certain action for a certain event (which is pretty cool in uncertain times!). April 19th Worship.  “Certain Action.”

Easter Drive In


The Easter morning drive in worship celebrated the Good News experienced on Easter Day. The Good News Of Easter

Easter Worship


CHRIST IS RISEN! Today, our worship celebrates!!  We celebrate a Jesus who is great! We celebrate a Jesus who rises from the dead.  We celebrate good news!  Jesus is the greatest of all time. Easter Worship Easter Greetings – this is the video at the beginning of worship that didn’t have audio.

Good Friday


Sometimes we have trouble speaking gracious words to people around us.  Jesus?  He spoke gracious words in terrible circumstances.  To be even more specific, Jesus speaks seven times while he is hanging from the cross.  Each time he speaks, his words are full of incredible grace.  Worship with us! Click the link below. Good Friday […]

Maundy Thursday Sermon

Tonight we celebrate the goodness of Jesus. We can trust him to fill our cups with goodness. Maundy Thursday Rez Worship

Palm Sunday


Palm Sunday It’s a day of joy and anticipation.  A day of good news.  The crowd Shouts “Hosanna.” Today, we’ll talk about what it means and move that word to our own lips. Click on the link below to watch the full worship: Palm Sunday Worship