Sermons from May 2020

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We learn the most by looking at history, not the news…

Intermission #6

Tonight at Intermission we celebrate: That God is always with us. That God works through us to bless the world! Watch it here

Process and Product


James 1:1-8 mashes two words together that I … well… I Just wouldn’t.  James associates two words that don’t associate in my brain.  “Trials” and “Joy.”  Join us for worship as we talk about it together. May 24th Worship

Intermission #5


Grace and Vision (Sight). That’s what 2 Kings 6 is all about. At intermission tonight we celebrate the freedom of a God who is in charge of revealing spiritual things. That means we aren’t in charge.  But we can go and pray that he’ll open the eyes of those who are blind.  Open their eyes […]



These days have been a little more simple.  There hasn’t been quite so much to focus on.  There isn’t quite so much on the calendar. And yet, our focus has probably shifted from time to time.  Shifted away from the most important thing to not so important or even bad things.  Today is a chance […]

Intermission #4


Tonight we had a chance to talk about contentment. What is it? How does it affect the world around us? All that, and a little bit of fun! Intermission #4



We are usually far from content in the meantime seasons of life.  We know we should be. We want to be.  But so often we are not.  Today is a chance to be refreshed – how can we be content “in the meantime?” May 10 Full Worship

Intermission #3

A little competition. An “In the Meantime” story. Celebrating community. Judges 6. These are the good things we enjoyed at “Intermission #3”. Intermission #3  

A Gift


Birthday gifts are cool.  Christmas gifts?  Standard.  Today we celebrate how God is prepared to give us gifts in every season of life.  God’s gifts sustain us through “in the meantime moments.”  God’s gifts lift our eyes off of ourselves and off of the circumstances and onto him.  There’s no better gift. Click here for […]