Sermons from January 2021

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Sermon Series: Images of God and Life Reading: Psalm 23 NLT & Luke 15:3-7 ESV Click here for January 24 video Worship Click below for January 24 audio only Worship

My Shepherd


Sermon Series: Images of God and Life Reading:  Psalm 23 & John 10:1-14 Click here for January 10 Worship video Click below for audio only Worship

Dayspring From On High


Series Summary: O Come O Come Emmanuel – We are familiar – very familiar with the song. It is much loved.  It is sweet.  It is soothing. “O Come; O Come Emmanuel….” We know, we believe that life is better when God is “with us.” And so, we continue to cry out… “O Come…”  God, please, come in to […]