Series Summary: In the Swing of Things – Swings have a certain rhythm to them.  Back and forth. Back and forth. Pump your legs, relax. Pump your legs, relax. There is a certain rhythm.  And they are fun.  It’s fun to glide gently on swing. And it’s fun to be way up high and pause for a second before the downward slide.  Swings have a certain, fun rhythm. God, from the very beginning set things up to be in rhythm.  Let’s talk about enjoying that rhythm to the full.

Reading: Isaiah 30: 1-2, 8-18

Theme: Are you willing? – The people were unwilling.  Unwilling to return to God.  Unwilling to rest (stop activity).  Unwilling to be quiet. Unwilling to trust. Returning, resting, being quiet, trusting.  This is what it means to “Sabbath.”  Are we willing?  If you are, God makes some amazing promises!!  If you are not…well, God assures that there will be some very negative consequences. EITHER way, we have a God who waits…for us! 🙂

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