This week we start a new sermon series – “1 Peter – Called * Chosen Exiles * Suffering”……..1 Peter is really an awesome book of the Bible and this will be a great journey for us at Resurrection!  Peter writes to the elect exiles.  He writes to encourage and comfort them through life’s struggles.  He writes to reveal the true grace of God (just wait for those sections when he talks about JESUS!) so that they can stand firm on that grace. I’m excited to take this journey with you.

Reading:  The entire book of 1 Peter

Dear Friends,

This morning we consider what it means to be “elect exiles.”  This is who 1 Peter is writing to. One of the terms (elect) we like. One of the terms (exiles) makes us a bit uncomfortable. Both are, or should be, accurate of those in the first century and US!

Peace, Pastor Dave