Reformation – We are still in the book of Jeremiah, but we are spending two weeks celebrating the Reformation.  A little more than 500 years, Martin Luther and other men went to God’s word (the bible) and saw a different God then the church had been talking about.  They began to point the world to what scripture says about God and the world was never the same again.  Jeremiah 23 does a similar thing.  It points to God’s word as the ultimate source of knowing God.  So – we are spending two weeks celebrating God’s word (and the reformation!).

Reading: Jeremiah 23:9-32

Dear Friends,

Something terrible is happening in the land of Judah. There are voices – loud voices – that are causing the people of God to forget the name of God.  Sound familiar?  WAY to familiar. Today, we will talk about how in the world we can live normal lives while also tuned in to the voice of God.  Peace, Pastor Dave