Sermon Series – The 4 G’s: We have SO much good news to celebrate. It’s good news that Jesus is our substitute.  He took our place on the cross.  It’s good news that Jesus is victorious.  He defeated sin, death and the devil.  It’s good news that Jesus is Great!  He is in control of everything.  It’s good news that Jesus is Glorious.  He is bigger than everyone and everything. It’s good news that Jesus is Good.  He is the most satisfying thing.  It’s good news that Jesus is Gracious.  He approves of us and loves us unconditionally.

Reading: Romans 8:31-29

Dear Friends, This morning we will look at four snapshots of people.  People that need good news.  We will rejoice in what that good news is and see how it transforms our lives.  It’s going to be a great 2020.

Peace, Pastor Dave