Series Summary: In the Swing of Things – Swings have a certain rhythm to them.  Back and forth. Back and forth. Pump your legs, relax. Pump your legs, relax. There is a certain rhythm.  And they are fun.  It’s fun to glide gently on a swing. And it’s fun to be way up high and pause for a second before the downward slide.  Swings have a certain, fun rhythm. God, from the very beginning set things up to be in rhythm.  Let’s talk about enjoying that rhythm to the full.

Reading: John 15:1-11

Theme: Ingredients – Between Genesis 1-2; Exodus 20 (Sabbath Commandment); Leviticus 23 (Feast Day Commands) and John 15 the message is clear.  God created us for a perfect blend of rest and work.  His recipe for life is simple.  Work. Rest. Prune.  Which part of His recipe needs the most attention?

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