Sermon Series:  Reformation – We are still in the book of Jeremiah, but we are spending two weeks celebrating the Reformation.  A little more than 500 years, Martin Luther and other men went to God’s word (the bible) and saw a different God then the church had been talking about.  They began to point the world to what scripture says about God and the world was never the same again.  Jeremiah 23 does a similar thing.  It points to God’s word as the ultimate source of knowing God.   So – we are spending two weeks celebrating God’s word (and the             reformation!).

Reading: Jeremiah 23:16-40

Dear Friends,

If I’m super honest, this is a very challenging  chapter.  It challenges me as a disciple.  It definitely challenges me as a preacher. It challenges us as a church. The chapter put a little fear in my heart and I kind of want to run away.  So, today we will talk about running away from our sin and running to Jesus instead.   Peace, Pastor Dave