Sermon Series Summary:

“My son Simon – when he tells me what he wants to do – starts off by saying, “ok, here’s the plan.”  I think it is amazing that God, our Heavenly Father, tells us HIS plan before He actually does it.  Part one of this series is considering moments in the Old Testament when God told us in advance what His plan is.  All of this might help us to see God’s work in our own lives, right now – today.”

Reading: Psalm 110

Dear Friends,

Psalm 110 is massive!  Serious.  New Testament folks from Jesus to the apostles to the author of Hebrews quote this Psalm 17 times! Martin Luther says: “THIS is a true and exalted Psalm, the main one to deal with our Lord, Jesus Christ.”  We are in for a real treat this morning as we see God’s plan for Jesus.

Peace, Pastor Dave