4 G’s:  For the past 500 years or so the church has too often limited the “good news” to substitution. Jesus took our place on the cross or even victory. Jesus is victorious over sin, death. But good news extends even further than that. It is good news that God is great, glorious, good and gracious. This sermons series considers the good news for our own lives and how we might proclaim it to  others.

Reading: Psalm 145

Dear Friends,

Today we start a brand new series that hopes to give us some agreed upon and unified language.  I hope that this series gives us some tools to communicate the gospel, the good news to each other and to the world.

Today, you’ll hear from King David as he is writing Psalm 145.  David shares the good news that God is great, glorious, good and gracious.  It’s all there, in one psalm.  But we will also be hearing from people.  Common ordinary, everyday people who are struggling through life.  People trying to be great.  People who try to please other people.  People who keep searching for the “next best thing.”  People that feel like they have to earn everything.  You’ll recognize the faces of these people but they are just playing a part.  The question is….which gospel truth do you need to hear and celebrate today??

Peace, Pastor Dave