Dangerous Prayer : If you pray for rain … you better carry an umbrella! Ok, ok, we often don’t think about prayer as “dangerous.”  Peaceful?  Yes. Spiritual?  Absolutely.  Dangerous?  Well, yes.  We believe that prayer actually changes things and that prayer actually changes us.  This series looks at some prayers that, when answered will help us to be changed by Jesus and become more like Him!

Reading: Isaiah 6:1-8

Dear Friends,

We often put a lot of effort into making travel plans. Where are we going? What are we doing? How will we get there? Now imagine that someone has planned a trip for you. You have had absolutely no say in it. Would you go? Would you say “send me!?” That’s what Isaiah does. Today we will    consider why he’s willing and we will be challenged to pray: “send me.”   Peace, Pastor Dave