Series Summary: Jesus! Revelation is an awfully exciting book that allows our imaginations to run wild.  For several weeks we will be considering Jesus! Jesus is revealed (like you’ve never seen him before!) in Revelation.  Jesus is also the revealer in Revelation.  In the series we will discover plenty of hope and plenty of instruction for our daily life.

Readings: Matthew 13:24-30 & Revelation 14:1-5, 14-20

Dear Friends,

We haven’t seen Jesus for 7 chapters in the book of Revelation.  In some ways, we pick up right where He was in chapter 7.  He is a lamb standing on Mt. Zion, with the redeemed disciples.  In other ways, He’s different than we are used to seeing Him.  He’s got a sickle in His hand…what is that all about?! We’ll talk about it.

Peace, Pastor Dave