Sermon Series – The Book of Jeremiah;  This series will consider selected chapters from the book of Jeremiah.  Jeremiah is invited by God to be a prophet who “plucks up and breaks down.” A prophet who “destroys and overthrows.”  A prophet who “builds up and plants.” Our     series will seek to do a little bit of all of that.  Through it all, we will, of course, consider how this book points us to Jesus.

Reading:  Jeremiah 1:1-19

Dear Friends,

Jeremiah is out of his league.  He’s outmatched. Out sized.  He’s over his head.  That’s the honest, real picture of who this guy is. Today we will consider how this is also a description of us. But check this out.  He’s also been formed by God.  He’s known by God.  And he’s been set apart for these things that are “way beyond him.”  Today, we will also rejoice that these things describe… you guessed it… US!

Peace, Pastor Dave


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