Readings: Genesis 17:1-7, Romas 5:6-11, Mark 8:27-33

Dear Friends,

The language of the church today is very much centered on disciple making. This is a good thing. Disciples of Jesus are those who follow in his footsteps in knowledge, heart and behavior of their Lord. My hope for you as you hear this message today is that you will be able to once again ask the question, “Why follow Jesus?” We will examine the big picture answers shown in our three texts for today. First, we have a God who has missionary vision for the world and he made, kept and his keeping his promise. He keeps his covenant. Second, we have a God who was and is consistently sacrificial for the sake of the world. He is the sacrifice. Finally, we have a God who intends to use his people to reconnect the world to himself.  Reconciling life is our final answer. Take a wide angle view with me on “why follow Jesus?”

Peace, Pastor Mike