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Series Summary: In the Swing of Things – Swings have a certain rhythm to them.  Back and forth. Back and forth. Pump your legs, relax. Pump your legs, relax. There is a certain rhythm.  And they are fun.  It’s fun to glide gently on a swing. And it’s fun to be way up high and pause for a second […]

What’s So Great?


Series Summary: Meals with a Message – The gospel of Luke loves meals.  In fact, Jesus even said His primary mission strategy was meals: “The son of man came eating and drinking.” In this series we will look at the meals in Luke’s gospel.  Our goal is not so much to talk about the meals, but simply use the […]

A Gift


Birthday gifts are cool.  Christmas gifts?  Standard.  Today we celebrate how God is prepared to give us gifts in every season of life.  God’s gifts sustain us through “in the meantime moments.”  God’s gifts lift our eyes off of ourselves and off of the circumstances and onto him.  There’s no better gift. Click here for […]

Simple Generosity: A Basket


Deuteronomy 26:1-15 Dear Friends, There is an ancient object that God prescribed to be part of worship.  The ancient, sacred object has all kinds of special meaning. It also has a specific purpose.  What is that object?  A basket! (Bet you didn’t see that one coming….) Let’s talk about it this morning! Peace, Pastor Dave

The Step Down

Reading: Philippines 2:1-11 Dear Friends, It seems that usually when someone has to “step down” it’s because of some transgression.  That’s what makes Philippians 2 so amazing.  Jesus stepped down from a high position.  And then – he stepped down again.  And then – he stepped down one more time.  Why?  To save you and to give you a reason to […]