Sermons by Pastor Dave Prill

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Open Ended


Reading: Daniel 7:1-14 Dear Friends, The story of God is big and open ended.  His story always has been and always will be.  It is bigger than any story ever.  But – it’s interesting – we often tell closed stories.  Stories that had a beginning … and an end.  And we tell those like they […]

Reformed Relationships


Reading: 2 Corinthians 5:15-21 Dear Friends, Old and New.  Paul teaches us and celebrates some incredible truths in this section of scripture.  The blood of Jesus reforms things.  It drives out the old. And it brings in the new.  Specifically – and this is awesome – it reforms our relationships.  With God.  With others.  Let’s […]



Reading: Matthew 11:1-6 Dear Friends, Disappointed. Disappointed with life.  The circumstances.  How nothing is going right.  Disappointed with God.  Ever been there?  Wondering where God is or why he is doing or not doing whatever it is that’s impacting you.  In today’s reading John expresses such disappointment.  And Jesus’ answer?  Well, it is  encouraging and perspective broadening.  Let’s talk about it. Peace, Pastor Dave

Pray Then Like This


You’ve probably said it a million times.  Sometimes you might say it without even thinking.  Today, we will slow down.  We’ll say it in a little different way than we’ve heard before.  And we’ll consider how Jesus demonstrates it in the smallest of ways.  What is it?  The Lord’s Prayer.

The Engaged Church. I’m Important. Acts 6.


Today’s Scripture: Acts 6:1-6 Along our journey, we’ve talked about the most important job of the church: To be a witness.  We seen how the church began to face obstacles from outside itself in regards to that job.  Today we see that the early church had obstacles within itself as well. Obstacles that threatened to […]