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Battles: Prayer

The very last part of the armor of God is not physical armor per say.  It is unseen, spiritual.  Prayer. Tonight, Kristen and Lisa talk with us about prayer. Watch it here: Battles. Prayer. Or listen in, podcast style, below:

Sword of the Spirit

The Sword of the Spirit, which is the word of GOd. Jesus used it.  It’s available to us.  Tonight we consider three ways to “pick up” the sword. Watch it here. Listen to it, podcast style.

Battles: Helmet of Salvation

Tonight we continue our series called “Battles.” The helmet of salvation protects our brains from the battle.  Salvation is a helmet that keeps us truly alive. Watch it here: VIDEO Or listen to it podcast style here:

Battles: Shield of Faith.

Sometimes we need something to hide behind.  Like when paint balls are flying.  Or when water balloons are being lobbed at you from the “high ground.”  Or – more seriously – when Satan is shooting his fiery arrows at us to create chaos and confusion.  Tonight we talk about the defense that God has given […]

Battles #3


Tonight we talked about wrongs.  Wrongs we have done.  Wrongs done to us and what we do with them.  What we do with them massively impacts our relationships.  Paul’s advice?  Put on the breastplate of righteousness. Watch it here! Listen to it podcast style, below.

Battles #2

We’ve all got battles.  We all need help navigating them. Ephesians 6 helps … so we are talking about it.  Tonight we discuss the belt of truth and how our relationshiops desperately need that armor. Watch it here

Battles (#1)


There is a bigger picture.  A bigger reality.  We are not just in relationships with things we see.  We are also in relationship with things that we do not see.  Tonight we talk about our struggles and battles. Click here to watch or listen to the conversation. ALSO -don’t forget to send in your pictures. […]