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Better Habits

Ecclesiastes twelve will bring us to the conclusion of Ecclesiastes.   But it is part of a larger context (11:9-12:14).  The preacher talks briefly about two habits.  First,  rejoicing.  Rejoicing whether you are young or old.  Second, removing. Removing  vexation (worry).  We will spend our time together thinking about this last spiritual habit: remembering!  Remembering our […]

Better Community

Just about every study today says that we are more connected (via social media) but feel more alone.  We don’t feel known or loved in a way that satisfies.  We talk about this is as if it’s new but the reality is we are just experiencing a new form of isolation.  How do I know?  […]

Better Time

What time is it?  I wish I had more time!  There’s never enough time.  Our most  precious possession.  All of these things can be said of time.  Time is immensely important to just about all of us.  It has immense power, is filled with hope and yet makes us realize we are not really in […]

Better Money

Today’s bit of wisdom from the preacher king in Ecclesiastes is about money.  Most days I sure feel like I could use a little more wisdom in this area.  The teacher lists  several problems that come with money.  But he also shares some helpful and easily applicable thoughts about what might make “money” better – […]

Better Pleasure

The journey of the wise king takes him to a place that most of us might call fun.  He pursues pleasure.  Every kind of pleasure.  Seriously, every kind imaginable.  He calls it a test.  He’s not interested in abusing pleasures – he just wants to see if pursuing pleasures provides a little bit of meaning […]

Better Work

Work seems like something we have to do.  But, for many people there is at least a PART of work that we do not enjoy.  Some people don’t find work enjoyable at all.  We can’t wait to retire.  Be done.  Rest.  We think life will be better – and then we work to hold on […]

Better Story

We pursue a lot of things that we think will make life meaningful and significant.  We aren’t the first ones to take this journey.  We also wouldn’t be the first ones to find these pursuits lead to emptiness and lack of meaning.  This morning we will consider several of these pursuits, introduce the Bible book […]