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Firsthand Church

Acts 10 is an amazing chapter for missionaries.  A lot of folks think its a chapter about a man named Cornelius.  It’s a really a chapter about Peter.  About the church.  About those of us who are called to be on a mission with Jesus.  This morning we will consider four things about a church […]

Problem Solved

Easter morning has such an interesting dynamic.  On the one hand the great problem   solver is nowhere to be found.  He’s dead.  His body is missing.  Chaos, confusion and   conspiracy quickly builds up to a roar.  On the other hand He’s alive and He’s waiting, yearning, longing to be seen.  Known.  Loved.  How often do […]

Why Have You Forsaken Me?

Psalm 22 was written thousands of years before Jesus was even born and yet it depicts the events of this night with amazing and pinpoint accuracy. As we walk through the Psalm our theme can be summarized with just one word: responsibility.  Who’s responsible for the suffering and death of Jesus?  I believe that the […]

On The Brink

John 13 is a story on the brink. The story is about to reach its main point. Its  conclusion. Jesus and the disciples are on the brink of something huge.  Everyone seems to know it. How could they not? What is interesting is how Jesus handles  himself in these “on the brink” moments. His actions […]

Never Too Late

Jesus raises the dead – We have a lot to do this morning. The 7th of 8 miracles in John’s gospel is the biggest yet. It is packed with emotion and presents one of the most difficult and frustrating questions of our Christian life journey: “why, God, didn’t you do something?” So the miracle itself […]

Jesus Heals The Blind

This is the second miracle where the response gets the most play.  In the end we are left essentially asking ourselves about our vision.  Are we able to see like the beggar?  Or are we blind like the Pharisees?  Let’s consider together what it means to truly see.  

Jesus Feeds 5,000

Besides the Resurrection, this might be the most well known miracle in John’s gospel.  It is actually the ONLY miracle that occurs in EVERY gospel.  The problem is  actually much more complex than merely 5,000 hungry men.  The response of the people seems to be inadequate.  And what this miracle teaches us about Jesus takes […]

Jesus Heals On The Sabbath

The most interesting thing about today’s miracle (in my opinion) is the response.   All the other miracles have at least a little bit of a positive response.  This one?  Nothing.  No one believes.  No one grows.  No one is changed.  Instead, the miracle and what it teaches the world about Jesus only makes people want […]

Learning to watch and follow, instead of prompt and lead

Have you ever got mixed up in your relationship with Jesus?  When I learn ABOUT Jesus or learn ABOUT being a Christian, its easy for me to put my needs, hopes, and desires out front and in the lead.   All of a sudden this relationship with Jesus is starting to look like Christianity: my style.  […]

Firsthand Encounter: Water into Wine

If there is such a thing as a “quiet miracle” this is it.  Most of the folks enjoyed the       miracle but no one even knew it had happened.  The few who did know had a simple response: Belief in Jesus as the Son of God.  This morning, let’s use this fun miracle to consider what God is […]