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Firsthand Church

Acts 10 is an amazing chapter for missionaries.  A lot of folks think its a chapter about a man named Cornelius.  It’s a really a chapter about Peter.  About the church.  About those of us who are called to be on a mission with Jesus.  This morning we will consider four things about a church […]


Jonah is a fascinating story.  He’s quite possibly the worst, most disobedient, half hearted, shouldn’t be very effective prophet that we see in scripture.  AND YET, he  finally follows God’s prompting, cry’s out a very pathetic sermon … and an entire city is converted.  Incredible.  We will look at his story in two parts.  First, […]

Firsthand Experience: John The Baptist

If you look at the whole life of John the Baptist he has three different reactions to his experience of Jesus at three different times.  The first reaction comes while he is still in the womb.  He leaps for joy when Mary (carrying unborn Jesus) walks into the room.  The second reaction comes when he […]

Firsthand Experiences: The Magi

The Magi are interesting characters.  Unbelievers.  Gentiles from a faraway land.  And yet, they see God and respond.  They’ve been looking for Him, experience Him and then give elaborately.  They only give (probably) a small portion but they give.  I believe that the magi challenge us in two ways: 1) Are you looking for a […]

Firsthand Experiences: Anna

Anna gets three entire verses in the whole Bible.  But boy is there a lot to learn from her.  First, how seriously devoted she is.  Second, her response to Jesus.  I think most of us don’t measure up to this incredible woman of God but I bet we can all relate a little bit to […]

God Uses Surprises

Mary hadn’t exactly been “family planning.”  So the news that she was pregnant was more than a small surprise.  How was it possible? What in the world did this mean for her future? Joseph was excited.  Excited about the future.  Excited about a future life together with a woman he loved.  Then the shattering news came: she […]

Firsthand Tool: Firsthand Extension

Today is sort of about the end.  It’s the end of our sermon series.  In our story, it’s  nearing the end of Jesus life.  But today is also about a beginning.  Jesus teaches us something that creates and expands and initiates a new chapter in the kingdom of God.  Today we have a chance to […]

Firsthand Tool: Gave A Little

There’s no one verse for it, but it’s a clear biblical principle.  When people give a little God can do a lot! Little David came with himself and 5 stones.  A woman gave her last bit of oil. The disciples were commanded to take nothing.  Nothing.  A little boy came forward with 5 loaves and […]

Firsthand Tool: Confession

The covering.  Psalm 32 is full of language about coverings.  In v.1 the person’s sins that are covered by God is blessed.  In v.5 the author chooses not to cover his sins or himself from God’s sight.  In v.7 the author exclaims that God is his hiding place.  This morning is an opportunity to think about […]

Firsthand Tools: Community

Who is on your mat?  Who is carrying yours?  These need to be key questions in our faith journey.  Community is where God shows up consistently.  Community is one of the key things we were created for.  Let’s grow together today.