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God Uses Surprises

Mary hadn’t exactly been “family planning.”  So the news that she was pregnant was more than a small surprise.  How was it possible? What in the world did this mean for her future? Joseph was excited.  Excited about the future.  Excited about a future life together with a woman he loved.  Then the shattering news came: she […]

God Uses The Pain Of Loss

God doesn’t want us to experience pain but he will use the pain of loss to help us experience him and his love. Isaiah says “All flesh is grass” which pretty clearly indicates everyone’s time is limited here on earth – in the flesh. But even before Isaiah gave us that bad news he told […]

Firsthand Tool: Firsthand Extension

Today is sort of about the end.  It’s the end of our sermon series.  In our story, it’s  nearing the end of Jesus life.  But today is also about a beginning.  Jesus teaches us something that creates and expands and initiates a new chapter in the kingdom of God.  Today we have a chance to […]

Firsthand Tool: Gave A Little

There’s no one verse for it, but it’s a clear biblical principle.  When people give a little God can do a lot! Little David came with himself and 5 stones.  A woman gave her last bit of oil. The disciples were commanded to take nothing.  Nothing.  A little boy came forward with 5 loaves and […]

Firsthand Tool: Confession

The covering.  Psalm 32 is full of language about coverings.  In v.1 the person’s sins that are covered by God is blessed.  In v.5 the author chooses not to cover his sins or himself from God’s sight.  In v.7 the author exclaims that God is his hiding place.  This morning is an opportunity to think about […]

Firsthand Tools: Community

Who is on your mat?  Who is carrying yours?  These need to be key questions in our faith journey.  Community is where God shows up consistently.  Community is one of the key things we were created for.  Let’s grow together today.  

Firsthand Tools: Bible

Did you ever have to dissect frogs in school?  You technically had some choices.  You could walk away and take a bad grade.  You could cut it open and look and say, “wow, cool!” or you could cut it open and start poking around.  I’d say that the same three options exist in regards to […]

(10/5) Firsthand Tools. Sit at the Table. Prayer. Isaiah 55.

I  can’t grow in my relationship with my wife if I don’t talk to her.  In fact I probably wouldn’t even have a relationship with her at all.  Furthermore, I can’t expect someone else to talk to my wife for me.  It might work once or twice but eventually I’ll have to do it myself. […]

(9/28) Firsthand Faith: Intro. Matthew 14:22-33

Firsthand (Faith) vs Secondhand (Religion)  What is this SERIES all about? This morning we will unpack the difference between firsthand faith and secondhand religion. When something is firsthand it comes directly from the source.  Our text is full of firsthand things, things that I believe we can relate to.  Jesus forces them onto the lake […]