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Reformed Hope

Reading: 1 Peter 1:1-7; 13-21 Dear Friends, 1 Peter is like the place to go whenever you feel hopeless.  Peter points us to a hope that is beyond and outside of ourselves and given to us as a gift to be enjoyed!  Today we get to have a discussion together: What is hope, why do we […]

Reformed Relationships


Reading: 2 Corinthians 5:15-21 Dear Friends, Old and New.  Paul teaches us and celebrates some incredible truths in this section of scripture.  The blood of Jesus reforms things.  It drives out the old. And it brings in the new.  Specifically – and this is awesome – it reforms our relationships.  With God.  With others.  Let’s […]

The Step Down

Reading: Philippines 2:1-11 Dear Friends, It seems that usually when someone has to “step down” it’s because of some transgression.  That’s what makes Philippians 2 so amazing.  Jesus stepped down from a high position.  And then – he stepped down again.  And then – he stepped down one more time.  Why?  To save you and to give you a reason to […]

Reformation Breakthrough

Reading: Romans 1:1-17 Dear Friends, Romans 1:17 might be the most important verse of the reformation that Luther led.  For a long time he      wrestled with the meaning of the verse.  He wrestled with its implications for his life.  Finally, he tells us that he had a breakthrough moment.  A moment of clarity regarding the […]

Reformation Perseverance

Reading: Jonah 3:1-4:1 Dear Friends, Jonah resisted.  Big time.  God said go that way.  Jonah went the opposite.  But God didn’t give up.  He didn’t give up on Jonah.  He didn’t give up Ninevah.  AND – he didn’t, hasn’t and won’t give up on you.  Today, we celebrate a God who never gives up on reformation! Peace, […]

Back To The Basics

Reading: 2 Chronicles 34:1-13 Dear Friends, We go back to the seventh century B.C and meet Josiah the Young King of Judah. Extra, and not so helpful stuff (like idols and pagan worship) had been covering the focus on the true God of the People of Israel. Josiah at the age of 16 takes it […]

Reformation Starts

Reading: 2 Chronicles 29:1-11 Dear Friends, The story of Hezekiah is a story of reform.  Hezekiah (besides David and Solomon) might get the most    chapters in the most books of the Bible (he’s in Kings, Chronicles and Isaiah).  When he takes the throne the kingdom is a mess.  He quickly jumps into a number of […]

Who Do You Stand With?

Reading: 2 Chronicles 24:1-4, 15-19 Dear Friends,  The most famous line from the reformation is Luther saying, “Here I stand.” This bold confidence only comes from who he stands “with”. As we look at the life of King Joash we will explore who he stood with and examine who you stand with as well as […]

Power Of The Reformation

Reading: Exodus 15:1-18 Dear Friends, We know it in our heads but we so often fail to live it out.  God is the power source to any and every reformation. Duh.  But – interestingly – Moses needs to learn this truth.  And God himself graciously instructs him.  Let’s learn and relearn alongside of Moses this morning. Peace, Pastor Dave

God Reforms

Reading: Exodus 3:1-10 Dear Friends, In Exodus 3 and 4 God reforms or promises to reform 7 things.  An 8th reformation is implied.  Interestingly the 8th and most important reformation is resisted. As we consider these mini and very temporary reformations we will consider: how might God be desiring to reform us? Peace, Pastor Dave