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Simple Generosity


Reading: Philippians 4:10-20 Dear Friends, We often make life very complex. Our world demands a lot out of us.  We get pulled in a lot of different directions.  God’s plan?  Well, His plan for us is quite simple (notice I didn’t say “easy”).  This will be a grace filled and highly practical series that focuses on  […]

Simple Relationships: Out


Reading: Luke 10:25-37 Dear Friends, Relationships can be very, very complex.  What we will consider in this three week set is much more simple.  Jesus lived a life in balance.  His relationships were balanced.  He had a relationship with His Father (UP).  He had a friendship with His  disciples (IN). He frequently spent a bunch […]

One Thing Necessary

Reading: Liuke 10:38-42 Dear Friends, There are few places where Jesus is more simple and more redirective than these verses.  Wow.  It’s just a couple of verses but we can see ourselves in this story.  We can see ourselves in a bad way.  The words of Jesus leave a little bit of punch to the […]

Number My Days

Psalm 90 Dear Friends, Psalm 90 is all about time.  Moses wrote it and he lived a full, rich 120 years.  He experienced God in amazing ways. It’s a great Psalm, with a lot of rich truths.  This morning, we can boil it down to one simple truth:   Our days are numbered, God’s days are […]