Firsthand Faith is our main theme for August 2014 – May 2015 (That’s a pretty LONG time!).  Our hope is to help you grow in your firsthand faith and to leave secondhand religion behind. You can listen to the sermons by clicking here.

Click on the following links to see what this journey is all about (listed from oldest to newest articles):

Faith: Not a Hand Me Down

Firsthand Tools

Why Participate

Part one of the journey is called “Firsthand Tools”.  In this series we considered different tools that Jesus has given to us to experience him on a regular, deeper and more firsthand way.  Click here to check it out.

Part two of the journey is called “Firsthand Experience“.  In this series we consider two things. First, the tools that God himself uses to prepare our hearts and minds for a firsthand experience of Him.  Second, we will look at moments and ways that people got to have an actual firsthand experience of Jesus and how they responded. Click here to check it out.