Giving Up Compromise


Reading: Luke 19:28-44 Dear Friends, Holy week is filled with folks that compromise.  They go against their gut, go against their character or allow fear to change their behavior. Pilate compromises.  The disciples compromise.  The religious leaders compromise.  Jesus?  He’s determined.  He’s convicted.  He knows exactly what this day, this Palm Sunday is all about. […]

Giving Up Temporary


Readings:  2 Peter 3:1-14; Luke 12:16-22 Dear Friends, Temporary.  Eternal.  We know that our hearts, minds and eyes should be focused on eternal things.  But boy, we get distracted, don’t we?  The everydayness of life sometimes fools us into focusing on this world instead of what is to come.  That’s the bad news.  The good news […]

Giving Up Enemies


Reading: Matthew 5:43-48 Dear Friends, Ok, if we are honest, we will never be able to “give up enemies.”  As long as we are alive on earth and in relationship with others, enemies will happen. But, Jesus does have some challenging things to say about enemies.  Let me give you a hint: giving up on […]

Giving Up Expectations

Readings: Genesis 12:1-9, John 3:1-5 Dear Friends, Expectations are a part of life. We have them in any and every situation. Often times, people have  expectations of us. We often try to manage  expectations. You know? Lower them. Not have any. Expect the unexpected. Expectation management. Today we are not talking about that. We will […]

Why Follow Jesus?

Readings: Genesis 17:1-7, Romas 5:6-11, Mark 8:27-33 Dear Friends, The language of the church today is very much centered on disciple making. This is a good thing. Disciples of Jesus are those who follow in his footsteps in knowledge, heart and behavior of their Lord. My hope for you as you hear this message today […]

Giving Up Control

Readings: Genesis 3:1-7 & Matthew 4:1-11 Dear Friends, When we read in the Bible about Jesus being in control of demons, sickness and even death – we like that.  When we think about him being in control – or wanting to be in control – of every aspect of our lives … well, that’s more […]

Open Door

Reading: 2 Kings 2:1-14 Dear Friends, Elijah and Elisha have an interesting relationship.  It’s very purpose filled and intentional.  It’s very much an awesome example of life on life discipleship.  We also know very little about it.  We see Elisha in 1 Kings 19 and then not again until 2 Kings 2.  Today we will […]

Open Mouth – Timely Truth Telling

Reading: Isaiah 6:1-8 Dear Friends, Please welcome our guest Pastor, Pastor Aaron Putnam with LINC Ministry, who will be leading worship today while Pastor Dave is with the youth at their ski trip retreat.  

Open Ended


Reading: Daniel 7:1-14 Dear Friends, The story of God is big and open ended.  His story always has been and always will be.  It is bigger than any story ever.  But – it’s interesting – we often tell closed stories.  Stories that had a beginning … and an end.  And we tell those like they […]

Open Story

Reading: Joshua 2:1-16 Dear Friends, There once was a time in my life…. Rahab had a story.  The spies had a story.  The story is really about God.  Today is simple. We get to consider God’s story in our life and one easy way to share it.  We’ll also  consider how to go deeper with […]