Ok, ok, don’t panic. I’m guessing that a sermon series titled “Politics” isn’t to appealing right now. We are already tired of the campaigning. Tired of the rudeness. We are already feeling nervous about what the next couple of months hold. And that is exactly the point. There are certain dangers to our lives as disciples – especially in presidential campaign years – when it comes to politics.

This series tries to identify those dangers and offer some practical help along the way. The series will breakdown like this:

September 6th – ME. What is my role as a disciple when it comes to national politics?

September 13th – God. This is an invitation to keep the most important thing as the most important thing!

September 20th – Us. We will see how Jesus cares deeply about our unity – especially in a world that is divided!

How to worship?

We livestream every Sunday at 9:30AM.

You can engage on zoom or facebook live.

On September 13th we will also provide a worship opportunity in the parking lot at Rez (1275 Fairview Ave). This worship opportunity will include the Lord’s Supper.