When the Reformation began in 1517, the Church and culture were soon to change forever. But centuries haven’t changed one thing: it’s still all about Jesus!

500 years ago on October 31st, Martin Luther posted 95 thesis on a church door (bulletin board).  That action sparked controversy, discussion and eventually what we know as “the reformation.”

Resurrection Ministries will be celebrating the reformation in a few different ways:

  1. A sermon series.  The series will be called “Reformation” (pretty original huh?). It starts on September 10th and goes all the way through November 19th.  It looks at several different times throughout Biblical History that God has reformed individuals or groups of people.  And considers how he might be reforming and reshaping us.
  2. Luther Movie.  On October 27th (just two days before the big celebration) we will be playing a movie in the gym at church.  The movie is both the story and meaning behind the Reformation.
  3. Reformation Sunday.  October 29th.  This morning we will consider the reformation that God led in and through Martin Luther.  In addition we will have a special ceremony in between worship services outside, in the garden area.  We will plant a tree and commemorate the day with a special plaque.  Please make plans to join us for this exciting day (and wear red…).