Can you imagine that you are in a battle? One that you care about?  I mean really care about?!  You know that the stakes are high.  If you loose, everything is at stake.  There is a lot riding on this.  It’s important.  

Now – can you imagine that same, important battle happening and an enemy shouts at you: “You can’t do this!  You won’t win!”  And…you just surrender.  You don’t make a charge, you don’t fire a single shot.  You don’t resist at all.  You just lay down and give in.

You lose.  Everything.  The battle.  Your livelihood.  All that matters to you most.  Your life.

It seems silly doesn’t it?  It seems silly to surrender when something is so important.  It seems silly not to at least try.  It’s foolish.  It doesn’t make sense.  

Here’s the scary part – I’m watching this happen in so many of our lives.

The battle is over rest.  

God created us to work.  That part we do well.  Too well.

God also created us to rest. In Genesis 1 and 2 Adam and Eve rest on the first day they are created and then they work.  They work hard.  All day.  At the end of each day, they rest.  They “walk with God.” They renew the most important relationship and they are refreshed. Restored.  Renewed.

Then, every seven days, they rest.  The whole day.  Special time set apart for connection with God.

This is Satan’s worst nightmare. Time to renew our relationship with God? Time to reclaim our identity as God’s kids?  He hates the idea. 

So – what does he do?  He makes you busier and busier.  He plants the excuses in your head: 

“You can’t do that. Imagine how uncomfortable it will be.”

“Your aren’t wired that way.”

“You can’t rest – how will all that stuff get done?!”

It seems like we are letting Satan win.  I see people all over our congregation engaging the mission of God: trying to balance their relationships; trying to love people unconditionally and love them too much to leave them where they are. 

But when it comes to rest? We stop.  We make excuses.  We let our to-do list be the most important thing. Satan wins.

So – can you do two things?

  1. Fight!  Don’t give in to those lies.  Don’t surrender.  Don’t lay down. This is massively important.  We fight by trying it.  For instance, start a daily devotional (there are a LOT of them on the YouVersion Bible App).  Or you could start trying out a weekly rest time – one that’s a little extended… something that refreshes your spirit and reconnects you to Jesus.  Just try one… or both.  But don’t surrender.
  2. Remember Jesus.  Jesus wins the ultimate victory.  He announced from the cross – that the most necessary work is “FINISHED.” Jesus rested for three days.  In a tomb. Jesus came to rise again in glorious victory over Satan. Now?  Now he sits!  He sat down at the right hand of God.

Let’s start enjoying his victory.