Do you need:

To be reminded that God is present in distressful times? (120)

To be reminded to give joyful praise to God? (121)

To be reminded that God is merciful?  That his mercy is worth waiting for? (123)

To know that God is the ONLY help you need! (124)

To recall the great things that God has done?  In your life? In history? (126)

To remember that following Jesus brings joy!? (128)

Words that cry out to God for help? (129)

Words that help you say sorry for wrong that  you have done? (130)

To be refreshed in the beauty of being a child of God? (131)

To remember that God is in control of all things? (132)

If your answer to one of any of those is “yes” than the “songs of ascents” might be perfect for you.

Do you need:

To spend a little time preparing your heart for worship?

So many of us jump right in to worship and expect to be spoon fed Jesus.  It takes us 30-45 minutes to unwind and forget the cares of the week past.  It takes us another 5 minutes to stop thinking about the week to come.  Then – before we know it – we are singing the last song and we’ve missed it.  We’ve missed an opportunity to connect with Jesus in a very real way.

Do you need to spend a few minutes preparing your heart for worship so you can actually hear what God is saying to you and respond?

If yes, then the “songs of ascents” might be for you!

Songs of Ascents

The “songs of ascents” had a very special purpose: prepare the heart of the worshiper.  You can find them grouped together in the Bible.  Psalms 120-134.  Groups of people would use these psalms as they traveled together to prepare their hearts.  They wanted to prepare their hearts to worship.  They wanted to prepare their hearts to meet God.

Did I mention that most of them are SUPER short.  Like, less than 10 verses short!

So, try this:

Read them! 

Read one a day for fourteen days.  Read one a week for fourteen weeks. They won’t take long.  They will help you prepare your heart to meet God.