An update on future staffing:

We feel it is important to let you know that we have been searching for over a month for a qualified and interested candidate to be our Director of Youth Ministries.

Several months ago our congregation passed a vote to hire a part time director of outreach and a part time director of youth.  We are thankful that we’ve found a quality man for our part time director of outreach and look forward to God’s continued blessing on his work among us.

However, at this time we have had few applicants that are both qualified and interested in the director of youth position.  Almost every single person that we have talked to is interested in full time work and our position – that has been congregationally approved is only part time.

The congregation needs to be aware that if we get into September or October and have not yet found a candidate we will come back to the congregation with possible next steps.

Something must be done as Pastor Dave cannot continue to be both the lead youth pastor and the only pastor of the entire congregation.  Second, we should have a sizable youth group if we had proper leadership in place.  Third, we have a lot of young families with young children that we need to be ready to fully embrace when they are youth group age. The time to act seems to be now.

In the meantime

(1) Please pray for God to open doors. That he will bring people to apply and take the position.

(2) Second, refer folks to us that might be able to take this position.  We are looking for folks that love Jesus and want to pour into our youth.

(3) We will be considering folks for smaller, 10 hour positions to help us transition and be better equipped for the following year.

If you have any questions or interest please email Pastor Dave or Adrienne Lough. or