Resurrection Family, 

We continue to try and determine the best possible way to share God’s word with you on a week-in-and-week-out basis.

Our core value is “relationships.”

Our hope is to provide a space for you to grow in your relationship with Jesus and with others at the same time. We need Jesus. We need community.

I also hope that we can provide this in a way that is easily accessible to the most amount of people. 

This Sunday, we are trying a new platform that (we believe) allows more people to access a live worship and live community that also – of course – helps us grow closer to Jesus at the same time. 

You can worship with us – live at 8:30AM on Sunday morning in one of two ways:

1) Facebook Live.  (Find us by searching for “@rezMinistry”)

2) Or simply click on this link:

  • AND, we will still gather at 10AM on Facebook Live for a brief time of response, prayer and devotional thought. 

Please note a few things:

  1. If using the Zoom link, we recommend trying to use a laptop or desktop. You’ll still be able to access from a phone or tablet but in our test runs, the experience was better if viewed from a laptop or desktop.
  2. The sound and audio will not be as high quality as the pre-recorded video you saw last week.
  3. The Zoom link will be live about five minutes before the worship starts. Facebook will be live about 1 minute before worship starts.  You should be able to see a “countdown” to let you know that you are in the right place.
  4. If you miss the live worship at 8:30, a recorded version will be available online around 10AM.  We will eblast it and post it on our website. 

“Make the most of every opportunity!”

This quote was in my Bible reading this morning from Ephesians 5.  And – it is my encouragement to you.  Make the most of this opportunity.  Engage your family.  Lift your hands in worship.  Take notes as you listen.  Say the creed and Lord’s Prayer, together – out loud.  

I believe that we can continue to grow closer to Jesus and grow in relationship with each other during this unique time.

Much love, Pastor Dave