First I read it in one devotional book.  From “Breakfast with Jesus” (By Greg Laurie).

“Jesus asked his disciples for what they had, regardless of how little it seemed.  … Do you believe that Jesus can meet your needs, even when it seems impossible.”

Those were good thoughts.  Helpful.  Encouraging.  Then – a couple of days later I read it again in an entirely different devotional book.

“All that the disciples could see was what they needed; they missed seeing what they had. Was what they had enough?  No! What you and I have is never enough.  But when we give what we have to Jesus, He blesses it, breaks it and feeds His people.” (From “5 Minutes with Jesus” by Sheila Walsh)

Both devotions were about Jesus feeding the 5,000.  You’ve heard me say before that there were probably more like 10 or even 15,000 when you include women and children.  It was a lot.  And the disciples had very little.  In fact, they had nothing.  They had to go begging for people to give – to support the cause – to help out a little bit.

They went out, looking.  Asking.  Hoping.  They returned bashfully.  With very little in hand.  5 loaves, two fish.  Not nearly enough to feed the massive crowd.  The disciples were focused on the little amount.  They were focused on what they needed.  They were focused on the problem.

Then Jesus went to work.  Bring it to me he probably said. “ Then Jesus took the five loaves of bread and two fish. He looked up to heaven and thanked God for the food. Then Jesus divided the food and gave it to the followers to give to the people” (Luke 9:16 ICB) And – it was enough.  More than enough actually.  “All the people ate and were satisfied. And there was much food left” (Luke 9:17).


At the start of a new year this is amazingly good news! January – Easter is extremely busy and packed. For myself and my family.  I’m not sure I have enough for these months.  I’m not sure I have enough to disciple my boys. To be a good husband.  I’m not sure that I have enough to give my leaders and staff what they need.

In fact … to be honest.  I know that I don’t.  I’m sure I don’t have enough for ALL of those things (not to mention others.  It’s kind of a daunting place to start a new year.

And yet

And yet, it’s actually a little refreshing.  It’s a little refreshing to be just honestly admit that I don’t have enough.  I’ve got to little. And it’s invigorating and beyond energizing to be certain that – when given to Jesus – my little will be more than enough.

So – consider these:

  • Map out all of the responsibilities that you have in the next four months. Just list it out.  I know it will probably be horrifyingly long but do it. And then – one by one – give them to Jesus.  Let go. And allow him to use your “little” to make much.
  • Give some of your time to Jesus – take 10 minutes a week (or a day) to just spend time with Him. Contact me if you need some guidance here.
  • Give some of your money to Jesus – we just passed a negative budget for 2018 trusting that our little will work out in His hands – can you help us?
  • Give some of your ability to Jesus – be a greeter or a reader. Help out with a project at church or local charity.  Ask us what you can help out with.

Thanks for considering these things.  And thanks for having too little!  No seriously, thank you.  Your too little brings out the “totally enough” of Jesus.  I can’t wait to see it!