Dear Members and Friends of Resurrection Ministries,

Psst… Have you heard? It’s happening. It’s really happening! The Gathering Place and warming kitchen. What? We have prayed, God has answered.

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We have had a goal of completing The Gathering Place kitchen facility since Resurrection Ministries dedicated our building in 2004. During these years we have made plans and collected funds but have not had a final plan in place for the space or the funds to complete the project. Although you may not have realized it, we have been steadily working on this project and now the plans have been drawn up and have been approved by the city. We have collected enough funds to begin construction.

Construction on The Gathering Place and warming kitchen is now in progress!

We need your help to accomplish the completion of this project. The project is budgeted to cost approximately $125,000. We have $65,000 which allows us to start the rough construction immediately. We need $60,000 more to finish the project with flooring, cabinets, appliances and furnishings. With your help we could have this finished by Christmas.

The Finish Line! On November 11, we will have the Finish Line Celebration and Dinner.

Depending on the contractor’s schedule and our funds we should have a lot of construction progress by November 11. Mark your calendars to join us on the evening of Saturday, November 11, for our Finish Line Celebration. More details will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

In Christ,

Pastor David Prill

Offerings on Sunday morning go towards regular day to day ministry, but will you please consider an over and above gift to support this project?

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For every donation you will receive a t-shirt “I’m Under Construction at Resurrection/Wee Care Ministries.”