If you were a kitchen utensil what kind of utensil would you be?

I love those kind of questions – they help me learn more about people around me. And they almost always make people groan when I ask them.

But for our devotional thought today, let’s consider a different one. If you were a part of the Sunday morning worship at Rez, what part would you be?

This is a really unique time that creates a really unique opportunity for us. Right now Resurrection is less about a handful of us performing Sunday morning worship and more about us all being the church every single day.

Think about it:

The buzz – there is always a buzz of friendly conversation around the building. 

In this unique time you can embrace some unique opportunities.  You can be this friendly buzz of conversation right where you live, work and play.  You can engage in friendly small talk in your neighborhood or over a video call. 

The stage – this where peace and joy is sung and expressed. 

Unique opportunity: be a living expression of joy and peace.  Smile.  Don’t panic.  Let folks wonder your smile and peace come from. 

The little podium thing (lectern) – this is where Gods word is read. 

Unique opportunities: Recommit to reading God’s word.  Yourself.  Right where you are.  Share a word of scripture with someone. A verse that recently stood out to you.  A verse that might be perfect for them.

The altar – this is a symbol of Gods presence. 

Unique opportunity: Rejoice that Jesus is with you every single day. Let people experience Jesus through your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. 

The crosses – these remind us and communicate. A king died for you. You are forgiven! You are loved. 

Unique opportunity: Sacrifice what you want so someone else can get what they want.  Speak forgiveness to the people you are suddenly around much more (family). 

Squirmy kids – this is a big part of our ministry at Rez. It’s who we are. The squirmy kids remind us that God loves everyone – no matter how much they love him back or pay attention to him! 

Unique opportunity: Love people around you.  All kinds of people.  Ones you agree with. Ones you don’t.  Ones that love you back. Ones that don’t.  

Christ is risen! – We say it every worship because we believe it’s true. 

Unique opportunity:  Live as if we have already won the victory instead of like we hope we don’t loose. 

Here’s the deal – I miss church on Sunday mornings.  I do.  BUT… this unique times gives us a unique opportunity to actually be church where we live, we work and where we play.

And you might say that this is how Jesus has always wanted us to be.  

Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it. (1 Corinthians 12:27)

Go, make disciples of all nations…. (Matthew 28:19)

Leave us a comment.  Which piece of our church would you be?  Would you like to be?  Need to grow in?