Blessings to each of you this Christmas season,

On December 4th, we held our annual fall Voter’s Meeting.  We were blessed to have a turn out of 67 voters and a few other members attend the meeting.  Below is a brief recap of our meeting:

1.  Celebration and reports from many of our ministry leaders about what is happening in and outside of Resurrection Ministries.  Praise God for the work he is doing through each of them.

2. The 2017 fiscal budget had passed.  Grateful to God for the financial blessings.  We are excited to walk through 2017.

3.  Along side the passing of the budget, the proposed full time “Director of Education” position passed.   The Director of Education’s primary responsibility will be youth ministry.  We are so excited for our youth and their connections to Jesus!

4.  Jen Heaney and Charlie Koch are joining our Pastoral Advisory Committee.  We would like to thank Pat Cruickshank, Myron Schroer and Jim Engle for their dedicated hearts and time as they exit their positions on the PAC.

5.  Tony Kusha, Jason Fish and Tim Coley were elected to our Board of Directors.  We would like to thank Woody Oehlert for his dedication and time the past two years as he exits our BOD.

6.  Please check out this post at the end of January for the official minutes from the meeting.