Lent is a church season meant prepare our hearts and minds for Easter morning.  Easter is the single greatest day ever and we want to take some time to prepare ourselves mentally and emotionally for that great day.

  • Daily devotional. A devotion is intentional time set aside each day.  The time is meant to refocus our hearts and minds on what matters most (Jesus!). We have devotion books available for you (email tcdwat@sbcglobal.net). OR check out devotion plans on YouVersion Bible App.
  • Weekly devotion. Again, we provide this opportunity for you.  “Dinner and Devotions” is a great opportunity to reconnect with and refocus on Jesus mid-week. At 6:30PM ever Wednesday through Lent we will be considering the “Last Words” of Jesus that he spoke from the cross.
  • READ THE STORY. If you’ve never read it for yourself, boy, this is where I would encourage you to start. Read Matthew 21-28.  Read Mark 11-16.  Read Luke 19:28-24. Read John 12-21. That’s basically a chapter a day for 30 days.
  • RightNow Media. This is a great resource and free to you. RightNow Media includes thousands of video based Bible studies.  (Just search “Easter” when you get there.) In addition, there are a LOT of children’s episodes on Easter.
  • Sacrifice something. This is probably the most common way of celebrating lent that most people engage. Either give something up (desert, candy, tv, favorite game on your phone) or give something away (money, canned foods, a coffee to the person behind you once a week).  But don’t just sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice.  Sacrifice with an eye and heart on Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us.