Hello Church Family,

I want to share what God has been placing on my over these past few weeks.  My family has been through a lot…I was very sick with a virus that medicine could not get rid of, with a fever for 9 days straight.  Then it became pneumonia and I praised God for medicine that could help me.  During this time, my husband and RJ got small colds, but nothing like I did.  Thank God for that. 

Once I finally was able to return to what seemed like normal life, COVID-19 has swept the nation and now we’re being very careful to be obedient, while also trying to sell our home.

Over the years, God has shown me time and time again that I need to trust in Him.  He has shown me this through many experiences in my life and this one is no different.  I have to trust in Him because He has been so faithful to me and my family.  I have to trust in Him because I know He is Lord over all and He is truly in control.  Even though, I really want to be.  😆

I trusted him when my parents separated while I was in high school and He put me in the right church family.  I trusted Him when my family lost our home in the housing market crash back in 2008 and He put me in a wonderful Christian home.  I trusted Him when my dad came in and out of my life so inconsistently and He provided other fathers along my path.  I trusted Him when I was unable to afford to go to culinary school in San Francisco, but I was able to afford to go to William Jessup University to study music.  And wow, He was so faithful through all of those things and so much more!  He will be faithful in this scary time too. 

So today, I wanted to encourage everyone to give their cares to God.  Let Him carry your burdens and try not to worry about what you cannot control.  It’s harder than it looks, and it took me many years to learn this.  Again, not easy, but it can be so freeing.

I want to leave you all with a song that has helped me through some very trying times over the last year or so.  It is called “Shoulders” by my favorite band, For King and Country.  It talks about our help coming from the Lord and He covers us with His love and protection.  I pray that it encourages you the way it encourages me, or maybe in a much greater way.  You didn’t think I’d leave you without any music, did you? 😉


Please read Psalm 121.  What cares or worries do you need to give to the Lord?  How has God been faithful in your life in the past?  It’s good to look back to remind ourselves how good He is.  God will help us through this.  Sincerely,

Brittany Ramos